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On March 30, 2016, the front page of the Dayton Daily News featured a headline stating “Dayton Children’s new logo inspired by Wright Brothers.” After months of research and planning, and after 42 years with the same logo, Dayton Children’s revealed a new brand identity to reaffirm their mission, vision and commitment to kids and the community. Partnering with local graphic design firm, Graphica, the teams came up with the whirligig– a spinning circle of colorful ribbons linking all caregivers, those inside the hospital as well as those outside the walls, to the child – the star at the center of it all. While knowing that brand launches can often come with a lot of emotion and reactions from the community at large,

Dayton Children’s and Graphica worked hard to keep the “why” behind the change front and center. Hear from Dayton Children’s and Graphica on how they worked together to create the whirligig and how they planned a very successful launch and utilized social media to share the “why.” You’ll also hear some behind the scenes stories of what went well and what didn’t in preparing for the launch. This is definitely a session you won’t want to miss!

Grace Jones
Consumer Brand Manager, Dayton Children’s Hospital
Drew Cronenwett
Creative Director & Partner. Graphica
Cindy Schnell
Vice President & Principal, Graphica